GBP#5 Joey and Shane Try Ginger Beer

• October 1st, 2020

Our good friend from G's Hard Ginger Beer, Donna Katz, sent Shane some beer to try.  Shane gets his friend Joey to drink with him.  They have a ton of fun exploring what G's has to offer.  After 6 or 7 ginger beers from G's, they keep the party going with 8 beers from Interstellar.  Intro music is from Taylor Hollingsworth, Westphalia.  You can check out his music here...//

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GBP#4 G’s Hard Ginger Beer w Donna Katz - Saint Helena, California

• August 31st, 2020

Donna Katz of G's Hard Ginger Beer joins the podcast.  Surprisingly, G's is the only ginger beer brewery on the left coast.  We talk beer regulations, brewing processes, and Shane tries one of Donna's beers on the air!  Don't miss all the hard-hitting ginger beer talk on this episode of The Ginger Beer Podcast!  Bumper music is Blue Sun by Marc Gunn.  See more from him here, //

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GBP#3 The Biz Patna

• August 6th, 2020

Shane interviews Daniel Sims.  The guy that had the brass buttons and the goods to help start it all.  MeCo on the intro and outro singing Interstellar Level!  Ha!  

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GBP#2 Edelweiss - Guadalajara Mexico

• July 30th, 2020

Shane interviews brewer and owner of Edelweiss, an alcoholic ginger beer producer in Guadalajara Mexico.  Bumper Music by American Dream Factory.  Check out their new CD here, //  

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GBP#1 The Scientist

• July 25th, 2020

Meet Shane.  Shane makes ginger beer.  

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